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Blogs — November 12, 2012
School Carnival — October 19, 2012

School Carnival

There was a carnival at my school and it was AMAZING!!! I did an obstacle course with my sister and I beat her! Her and I got our hair spraypainted. Mine was purple and hers was green. I did a lot of “mini games” like Wheel of fortune and stuff like that. The prizes were candy. My mom was volunteering so I “helped” her sell spirit sleves. Before I left my mom let me buy a pair!! I could choose a blue and white stripped one or a plain white one. I got the white ones.
Cool for School — September 16, 2012

Cool for School

I haven’t written a post in many days because I’ve been super busy and having a lot of fun with my new tech magnet school. I’ve now gotten in to school year and I get to ride a bus to school. I hope everyone out there is OK. We have music, library, P.E.,computer and movement. I have to say I have fun. This school is awesome and that’s why I think it’s cool for school!

Happenings and New Things. — August 15, 2012

Happenings and New Things.

Haven’t had a lot going on except getting ready for the new school year.  I get to see my new school tomorrow and can’t wait.  I am a little nervous since it will be my third school this year but I am ready to go.  Mom did take us to Golden Corral yesterday and it was the first time I could remember going.  I was too young the last time my family went with our friends( the Spoonhowers’) in Missouri.  I got to have “dessert on a stick” and stick it into the chocolate fountain wonderfall, It was amazing!  What all things are you doing to get ready for school year? My school starts August 27th, 2012 and I am super excited!! I hope the summer has treated you well.  Mom says I need to work on my cursive handwriting the next week so I can get ready for school.  Hope to have more to tell you all tomorrow.  Have a Wild and Wacky Wednesday my friends and family too.

Dallas World Aquarium Visit July 31st, 2012 — August 7, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium Visit July 31st, 2012

Mom took Caleigh and I to the aquarium, it’s in downtown Dallas.  My favorite animals to see at the aquarium was the Penquins and clown fish.  I saw Dorie from Nemo and she was swimming along with Nemo.  There was a gift shop there that made me think of an idea- but I have forgotten the idea but mom said it would have been great.  We ate at Mundo Maya and I had the chicken nachos and they tasted GREAT and Amazing!!!  The funny of the day was when I got my glow up electric eel toy from the gift shop.  Since my brother could not join us we got him a bracelet and it holds the flatten penny in it.  Caleigh got a necklace because she likes wearing them.  I had lots of fun and hope some day you all can visit the aquarium downtown.

Boom Town — August 1, 2012
i.macie —
Bowling —


I just got finished bowling with Caleigh and my mom. For my first round I got 42 points but then on my second round I got 72!!! My sister won round 1 and my won round 2 but, I don’t really care who won or lost because we are all winners!

Cooking Time —
I’m Spongebob…. or am I Chilimacmacie — July 31, 2012