I sure have posted a lot this month. Looks like I’m going back to my old roots or however you say it. Only 5 months and 21 days until my blog celebrates its 5th birthday.

I apologize if I’ve been drifting away from the content I usually post. I haven’t had anything noteworthy to talk about (unless you want me to talk about cracking an egg or the time I introduced my reading teacher to my blog.) You see…


…I’m sick, well kind of.

I haven’t really left the house unless it was for school or being forced to go grocery shopping. So, no fancy “My visit to the aquarium” kind of thing until I actually do something blog-worthy. So expect another art showcase and a very special post-err-film review.

-Macie, (2/11/17)


I’d like to give these people shoutouts for following my blog and taking time out of their day to read my occasionally humorous posts (Both Old and New)

These are the people who have followed me. I left links to their blogs:

i_NeGaTivE: https://dailywordexpress.wordpress.com/

ColumbianCuties: Unfortuneately, this blog was suspended, so I can’t out a link 😦

MaxMuscles: Same thing, no link available.

nishidixit: https://nishidixit14.wordpress.com/

Raluca Stoica: https://astairwaytofashion.com/

RachelK: https://globedrifting.wordpress.com/

breakroomstories: https://breakroomstories.com/

justdan93: https://justdan93.wordpress.com/

I am aware the the links don’t work. However, you can always copy the links and put it in the search bar instead.