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Update/Shoutouts — February 11, 2017


I sure have posted a lot this month. Looks like I’m going back to my old roots or however you say it. Only 5 months and 21 days until my blog celebrates its 5th birthday.

I apologize if I’ve been drifting away from the content I usually post. I haven’t had anything noteworthy to talk about (unless you want me to talk about cracking an egg or the time I introduced my reading teacher to my blog.) You see…


…I’m sick, well kind of.

I haven’t really left the house unless it was for school or being forced to go grocery shopping. So, no fancy “My visit to the aquarium” kind of thing until I actually do something blog-worthy. So expect another art showcase and a very special post-err-film review.

-Macie, (2/11/17)


I’d like to give these people shoutouts for following my blog and taking time out of their day to read my occasionally humorous posts (Both Old and New)

These are the people who have followed me. I left links to their blogs:


ColumbianCuties: Unfortuneately, this blog was suspended, so I can’t out a link ūüė¶

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Raluca Stoica:




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Art Showcase 1 — February 4, 2017

Art Showcase 1

I decided to show off my art. Not only is my blog now a “slice-of-life” blog, but it’s also an art blog. Yay, my scanner hates me now! Feel free to pause if you want to read the captions

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Sayonara, Club Penguin! —

Sayonara, Club Penguin!

It has come to my attention that Club Penguin, a popular site that is currently owned by Disney, will be shutting on March 29th, 2017, after 12 years of running.

I remember playing the game back when I was 5 or 6 (which was about 6 or 7 years ago). This was around the time when Disney bought CP and made you have to pay just so you could buy some fancier clothes. I even got a membership gift card along with my two older siblings. Oh boy, when my membership ran out, I played on my sister’s account until her membership ran out! I actually remember playing some EPF missions with my brother, too. And guess what? I got a comic book and and DS game revolving around Club Penguin! Unfortunately, I sold my DS at a garage sale and my mom got rid of the comic book. Fun…

As I grew older, I realized that you had to pay for 3/4 of the actual game. It ticked me off, but I still played. I entered in a lot of codes, that’s for sure. NOW WILL YOU ACCEPT ME AS ONE OF YOU, RAINBOWGURL29338?

Club Penguin was everywhere on the internet! One YouTuber, Chadtronic, reacted to a news report about CP, and actually STREAMED¬†Club Penguin on Twitch. Other YouTubers usually create fake bans, or actually (purposely or accidentally) got themselves BANNED. And we can’t forget the darker sides of WikiHow with those Club Penguin articles…oh my.

I heard that Disney’s making a mobile spinoff game, Club Penguin Island. That means that it probably won’t be out for Kindle Fire, meaning that I won’t get to play just like I didn’t get to play Pokemon Go. Oh well, at least the art looks nice.

Even if Club Penguin is gone now and I probably won’t get to play (possibly) CPI, we can’t deny that CP was a fun experience for young childern, YouTubers, and Undercover Moms alike. May you rest in peace, Club Penguin. Austin, get my recorder!

*attempts to play My Heart Will Go On by Céline Dion, courtesy of whoever made the Titanic movie*

-Macie, “owner” of ChiliMacMacie