(Or, Stuff Macie likes to say.)

— June 25, 2014

On the last post I told you that I forgot to put the mario themed picture there. here it is…


Picture Show —

Picture Show

I made some pretty cool art work yesterday so my dad told me I should post these on this very blog! Here’s all of the pictures from yesterday….  Hpoe you like themImage






Did you like them? Tell me when you can 🙂

On the PS3 — June 10, 2014

On the PS3

Recently I had been studying minecraft speed art so I decided to make a speed art with random made up stuff that is NOT (I repeat NOT) in the Minecraft PS3 edition so here’s a picture or twoImageImage

The second one’s about when me and caleigh (on minecraft) are waiting “Patiently” for Austin to bring the snacks for the party bus and for the villagers who are intrested in partying so much.