Alright, So I’ll tell you about my adventure in Trinity Groves,a place in Dallas. When we got here, I learned about a hot dog place that makes the best hot dogs in Dallas! I also learned that people like to make art on the Bridge. When we got off the bridge and into the grassy part of Trinity Groves,Austin wanted to play Frisbee Golf (That’s what I think I saw Austin do.)He asked me if I wanted to play but I said no thanks. Austin played for a long time while Caleigh,Mom and I were exploring the place.I tried a Fruity Tea,Which mom was proud of me for.We also ate french fries.I was tired and hot so me and Caleigh decided to go in a Fashion Truck. While inside, The friendly woman told us that she spilled a smoothie in her sink. I decided to call that The Smoothie Sink.The woman laughed. A man was giving out free water and apples. Caleigh and I grabbed one. Dad was talking to his friend Matt while this happened. Then Austin finished Frisbee Golfing while Caleigh was getting a pair of Flashing Rollers,Which are these things with wheels that go one your heel of your shoe and act like a pair of roller skates.We went back on the bridge and saw wheelchair races,Wheelchair Bikes,and Yoga Classes.I decided to go home with mom and caleigh and eat a banana. Dad and Austin stayed until around 10:30. We picked up my cousin Noah and we had fun.