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The Thanksgiving Eve Story — November 27, 2013

The Thanksgiving Eve Story

Oh Hey Guys, I’m am going to tell you about what happened on Thanksgiving eve (today). It all started when I was playing games on Dad’s computer. Mom told us that we were gonna have to get ready (Which got me confused). We were going to Walmart to get our Haircuts. When we first got to Walmart, Mom signed a piece of paper so that we could get our haircuts. We had to wait until 3:00 to get our haircuts,so we went to this Pasta Place called LaBella Italian Grill. I had a HUGE meatball sandwich that I didn’t finish so we put it inside a to-go box.Then we went back to Walmart and bought some stuff.Then we went inside Smart Style (the hair salon). We had to sit down on the floor for 5 in a half hours and Caleigh took me with her to go for a walk when I got tired and lazy. Then Cal and Mom went to Super Target and bought some stuff. We went home after and ate our leftovers from lunch. That was my crazy day! How was yours?