Caleigh got really excited when she read something off her Tumblr and ran straight into my room. Once she told me I got so excited and grabbed my stuffed minion. She ran to our moms room and told her about it and said at 7 pm we’ll go. I was so excited when we got there. We got our tickets and food an sat down. My face lit up when I saw the minions on the screen. I couldn’t believe it…. AN EARLY SHOWING OF DESPICABLE ME 2!!!

The movie was awesome!! .My favorite character is Edith, She wears a pink hat. She’s 7 years old! I like her because she is really funny and acts like a ninja

They should make a 3rd one!!! Why? Because when the movie ended it seemed like it was going to continue in another movie. They get married so I bet they will!!

My favorite part is when that when those minions went racing to the ice cream truck  to buy ice cream but when they tried to buy some they found out it was a trap. I like the yellow minions better because they are funny little creatures. The purple ones… not so much.