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Blogs — November 12, 2012
Klyde Warren Park —

Klyde Warren Park

I went to this awesome park called “Klyde Warren Park.” It’s above a highway!!! My cousin Noah came with us. We stopped and took the trolley there. It was really cool. So when we got there, there were A LOT of cool and amazing stuff to do. It was opening weekend. I stopped at the kids zone. A guy had a telescope and we looked through it and saw the sun up close! My dad and I went to a sight-seeing tower and saw the skyline of dallas. I climbed a rope thing-a-ma-jigy and made it to the top. After that I went to an area where we build buildings. I built a water park and noah built a park. My sister Caleigh wanted to go in the dog section to see dogs. I accidently threw a frisbee and almost hit a dog. Oops. Finally we played pingpong. None of us were very good at it. It was an amazing day at Klyde Warren Park.