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Happenings and New Things. — August 15, 2012

Happenings and New Things.

Haven’t had a lot going on except getting ready for the new school year.  I get to see my new school tomorrow and can’t wait.  I am a little nervous since it will be my third school this year but I am ready to go.  Mom did take us to Golden Corral yesterday and it was the first time I could remember going.  I was too young the last time my family went with our friends( the Spoonhowers’) in Missouri.  I got to have “dessert on a stick” and stick it into the chocolate fountain wonderfall, It was amazing!  What all things are you doing to get ready for school year? My school starts August 27th, 2012 and I am super excited!! I hope the summer has treated you well.  Mom says I need to work on my cursive handwriting the next week so I can get ready for school.  Hope to have more to tell you all tomorrow.  Have a Wild and Wacky Wednesday my friends and family too.

Roadtrip August 3-4,2012 — August 7, 2012

Roadtrip August 3-4,2012

Mom, Caleigh and I went on a roadtrip to my Papa Taylor’s house in Marlow, OK.   We arrived late in the afternoon but we still had lots of fun.  We got to see where he lives, works and eats.  Papa took us to dinner at the local Mexican Restaurant , El Campesino Mexican, we had his friends George E. Coffman, Jr, known as papa’s fishing buddy, his wife Mrs. Valerie and their children Trey , Will and Trey’s girlfriend Hailey join us for dinner.  I had lots of chips and queso, enchilada plate with beans and it was yummy in my tummy.  I wanted to surprise papas friends by eating an enchilada.  After dinner papa drove us around the schools to see where he had worked and the buildings he is working in now.  The kids call him ” Uncle George” but that confuses me but mom explained why they do that.  Later we went to the Coffman’s house and Mrs. Valerie took me to her garden and we picked tomatoes, they use them in salsa and something else I forgot.  We had lots of grasshoppers jumping around us.  Will gave me a tour of the house and he played basketball with us.  Will helped me get a score of two hoops.  The cows were in the field next to where we were playing and that was pretty cool.  We left to go back to papa’s house so we could sleep.  When we got back to papa’s I noticed I had left my DS at Mrs. Valerie’s so papa called her and told her we would pick it up the next morning.

Day 2- Papa got up and made us a wonderful tasty breakfast, it included biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage and eggs, served with chocolate milk.  It was super duper delicious and my favorite.  Papa then took me on a ride to Mrs. Valerie’s in his Red Truck, mom says it’s a Ford F-250, which he let me ride in the front seat- I never get to do except once in Aunt Carol’s car.   We went back to Papa’s and played for a little bit while mom packed up the van to head to my POP POP and Judy’s house in Norman, OK to pick up Austin.   I have missed him so.  We had to drive and an hour and half to get there.  We got to visit with Pop Pop and Judy, which was so special to me to see them.  Judy was wearing a brace on her hand that she had had surgery on and she is doing much better.  I played with the doggies Amber and Bootee .  After our visit we had lunch with Nana at Red Robins in Norman, OK.  It was good to see her again and I ate spaghetti and super duper fries with the super duper seasoning.  Mom ran into a friend of hers and dads, his name is Mr. Toby Kimmel and his daughter Taylor.  Mom said, “it was nice meeting Miss Taylor and to see her dad Mr. Toby again.  We had to leave Nana and head home.  We made a couple stops and then picked up Noah, our cousin, from Aunt Carol’s house .  He stayed the night with us and we played Legos, the Wii, built a fort and had lots of fun.  We also taught him how to play UNO Flash and he even got a little price for being a great sport.  Well that was my exciting ROADTRIP and weekend.  It’s been a great summer so far.

Dallas World Aquarium Visit July 31st, 2012 —

Dallas World Aquarium Visit July 31st, 2012

Mom took Caleigh and I to the aquarium, it’s in downtown Dallas.  My favorite animals to see at the aquarium was the Penquins and clown fish.  I saw Dorie from Nemo and she was swimming along with Nemo.  There was a gift shop there that made me think of an idea- but I have forgotten the idea but mom said it would have been great.  We ate at Mundo Maya and I had the chicken nachos and they tasted GREAT and Amazing!!!  The funny of the day was when I got my glow up electric eel toy from the gift shop.  Since my brother could not join us we got him a bracelet and it holds the flatten penny in it.  Caleigh got a necklace because she likes wearing them.  I had lots of fun and hope some day you all can visit the aquarium downtown.

Boom Town — August 1, 2012
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Bowling —


I just got finished bowling with Caleigh and my mom. For my first round I got 42 points but then on my second round I got 72!!! My sister won round 1 and my won round 2 but, I don’t really care who won or lost because we are all winners!

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